The Best Of Our Knowledge #1352 "The Steroid Debate"

Aug 18, 2016

Credit USADA

If you’re a sports fan, this has to be a great time of year for you. First of all, the Olympics are everywhere. Then there’s the baseball pennant races, College and Pro Football getting underway. Student athletes of all ages from Pee Wee to Division One will be doing their best to be their best on the field. But for athletes of any age or experience level, that sometimes means taking performance enhancing drugs.

Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll look back at a unique debate of sorts we had a while ago on testing for PEDs. We’ll hear from one doctor who says the system of drug testing is working just fine…and another who says scrap it and let them eat steroids.

And after talking about artificial athletic talent, we’ll also spend an academic minute making money from the Olympics.