Berkshire Groups To Recognize Race Amity Day Sunday | WAMC

Berkshire Groups To Recognize Race Amity Day Sunday

Jun 12, 2020

Sunday is Race Amity Day in Massachusetts, and two Berkshire nonprofits are holding events to celebrate it.

Massachusetts has recognized the day since 2015. Gwendolyn VanSant is the CEO and founding director of Multicultural BRIDGE, a minority and women run Berkshire County cultural competency training organization that focuses on racial justice and equity.

“Race Amity Day is about coming together and collaborating, and it’s a day that our governor – first Governor Patrick, then Governor Baker – they sign on every year," she told WAMC. "It’s the Sunday before Juneteenth, which is a symbolic day for the liberation of African-Americans.”

Multicultural BRIDGE is holding day-long events around the theme of racial harmony in collaboration with Berkshire Interfaith Organizing.