Assemblyman D. Billy Jones Discusses Regional And State Politics

Jul 19, 2018

While there is debate in Albany over bringing the state Senate back for a special session, it’s unlikely the Assembly will return.  First-term Democrat D. Billy Jones of the 115th Assembly District does not face a challenger in November. He is traveling the district during the summer recess to gauge constituent issues.  Before he discussed state and regional politics, he provided an update on a wildfire in Clinton County. The nearly 600-acre fire at the Altona Flat Rock, an area of rare jack pine barrens, started a week ago. Jones reports it has now been contained and is about 55 percent controlled.

"It was spreading but now they have it contained and I just want to thank all the volunteer firefighters, all of the personnel, everybody that came in and did an excellent job collaboratively to get this fire under control. We realize how dry it is right now and I want to stress to everyone to please be careful. It’s still not 100 percent I believe on how this started. So we need to be cognizant and aware in these very dry conditions."

The 115th Assembly district includes Clinton and Essex counties and four towns in St. Lawrence County.