Assemblyman D. Billy Jones Discusses Proposed NY Budget

Jan 19, 2017

New York state Assemblyman D. Billy Jones began his first term this month representing Clinton and  Franklin counties and three towns in St. Lawrence County.  The Democrat is in his district, the 115th, with a copy of the just-printed proposed budget from Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Jones says the Assembly was supposed to receive an overview of the spending plan directly from the governor, but the session ran late.

“We want to go through it. Obviously the governor has a lot of the ideas that he’s pointed out and they’re big ticket items and there’s some good ideas in there. But we have to figure out a way obviously how to pay for them. We have to look into the details of those ideas. And my number one concern here is how it affects my constituents here in the North Country.”

The legislature will begin joint budget hearings next Tuesday.