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Assemblyman D. Billy Jones Discusses Expectations For Second Term

Jan 9, 2019

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his inaugural address at Ellis Island. It was a speech with unsubtle jabs at the Trump administration’s immigration policies versus New York’s melting pot history. Today, lawmakers return to Albany for the new legislative session.
115th District state Assemblyman D. Billy Jones represents Clinton, Franklin and part of St. Lawrence counties. The Democrat tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley the governor had previously outlined his agenda, so the speech offered no real surprises.

"I think we knew a lot of the points that he had made earlier a couple weeks ago when he made his address his agenda. He put that out there, so really nothing new. More or less on a national tone that I took away from it, kind of the anti-federal government, anti-Trump rhetoric.  But you know here in the North Country I’m concerned about getting things done for the residents of the North Country so that’s my agenda."

Assemblyman D. Billy Jones is the only Democrat representing New York’s North Country. He ran unopposed for re-election and is beginning his second term in the state Assembly.