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APA Chair Sherm Craig Discusses Retirement Decision

Jul 28, 2018

At this month’s meeting of the Adirondack Park Agency, board chairman Sherman Craig announced his retirement.  He was appointed to the board in 2011 becoming the first commissioner from St. Lawrence Country. He became chair in July 2016.  Craig says his tenure on the board came during a time of significant land acquisition and reviews.

“Quite frankly it was an historic time. The ACR project, the Adirondack Club and Resort in Tupper Lake, literally was presented the month that I was named to the board. And so that was a great deal of research and difficult decision resulting in years of legal action all of which the Agency’s decisions proved to be legal and correct. That was the largest project in the history of the APA. And then we went straight into the Finch Pruyn property. At our last meeting APA approved the Unit Management Plan for the Boreas, the Vanderwhacker and the High Peaks. And that’s sort of the last piece of the whole Finch Pruyn project. So when you combine those two historic decisions it seemed to be an appropriate bookmark for someone to step back. And after seven years quite frankly I was ready to step back.  In just a few short months I’ll be 75. I have retired officially 20 years ago from public education. At least for me and for my wife and I we’re ready for a new chapter.”  

Sherman Craig’s retirement from the Adirondack Park Agency is effective July 31st.