Any Questions? #9

Albany, NY – WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel mark the 125th anniversary of the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty with a show about landmarks.

Last week's challenge

Start with the phrase NUMERICAL ORDER. Change one letter, then rearrange the result to get three words that can describe a number. What are they?

Answer: If you change the C to a P, you can rearrange the letters to spell ROUND, REAL, and PRIME.


On-air questions: In honor of the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, our quiz this week is about famous landmarks. (14 points per correct answer)

1. The other famous landmark built by the architect who designed the interior structural elements of the Statue of Liberty
2. London location of Nelson's Column, a statue commemorating the death of Admiral Horatio Nelson at a famous naval battle
3. Iconic sign which, in 1978, was completely restored thanks to nine donors
4. Other common name for the Canadian section of Niagara Falls, which comes from the shape of the waterfall
5. Landmark used as the setting for the climactic chase scene in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest

Extra credit
1. U.S. bridge that was the longest suspension bridge in the world from its opening in 1883 until 1903, when it was surpassed by the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City
2. Familiar name for the Cold War landmark used until 1990, when it was moved to the Allied Museum in Berlin

This week's challenge

Think of a well-known landmark in England. Remove all the repeated letters from its name, and the remaining five letters can be rearranged to name something that some old buildings are reported to have. What is the landmark and what is the thing?

On-air questions
1. The Eiffel Tower
2. Trafalgar Square
3. The HOLLYWOOD sign (bonus fact: Gene Autry sponsored one of the Ls and Hugh Hefner financed the Y)
4. Horseshoe Falls
5. Mount Rushmore

Extra credit
1. the Brooklyn Bridge
2. Checkpoint Charlie