Any Questions #426: Series No. 8 | WAMC

Any Questions #426: Series No. 8

Oct 25, 2019

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel revive an annual tradition.

Last week's challengeStart with the phrase BLOWN SAVE. Rearrange the letters and you can spell a brand associated with skateboarding, and a body part often injured by skateboarders.Answer: VANS, ELBOW. THIS WEEK'S CATEGORY: SERIES #8On-air questions: It is once again World Series time. As always, we hope that if you root for a particular baseball team, they are in the World Series and are beating the other team in the World Series. As per tradition, it is also time for our series category. To refresh your memory, I'll read a list of items that form a series (or part of one). Somewhere in that list will be a blank; you tell me what belongs in that blank.1. Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain, _____ 2. Hope, Back, Jedi, _____, Jedi, Skywalker 3. Bear Mountain, _____, Mid-Hudson, Kingston-Rhinecliff, Rip Van Winkle 4. 4: F H V W Y, 5: K, 8: J X, _____ 5. Billy Martin, Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, _____, Joe Torre  Extra credit1. Connecticut, Connecticut, Connecticut, Connecticut, South Carolina, Notre Dame, _____2. The player turns a crank, a boot kicks a bucket, a marble travels down a chute and hits a pole, a ball falls through holes in a platform and a bathtub, the diver is launched into a bucket, _____ This week's challengeStart with the phrase STARTING NINE. Add a letter and you can rearrange the result to spell a seven-letter word for another group of nine in baseball and a six-letter word for what each person in the starting nine probably is at some point during a game. What are the words?   ANSWERSOn-air questions1. Pacific (U.S. time zones)2. Awakens (Last words of the subtitles of Star Wars Episodes 4 – 9)3. Newburgh-Beacon (Bridges across the Hudson River)4. 10: Q Z (Values of letters in the U.S. version of Scrabble)5. Joe DiMaggio (Retired Yankees jersey numbers 1 – 6) Extra credit1. Baylor (winners of the NCAA women's basketball championship from 2013 – 2019)2. The cage falls (steps of the mechanism in the game Mouse Trap)