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Any Questions #425: "L-C-S"

Oct 18, 2019

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel switch seats for a local LCS.

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase FIVE-TIME HOST. Add a letter and you can rearrange the result to spell a five-letter word for someone a lawyer might prosecute in court and a seven-letter word for things that lawyers use as part of their case against someone in court. What are the words?
Answer: THIEF and MOTIVES.

On-air questions: Next week we’ll have our annual celebration of the World Series on Any Questions. But before you can get to the World Series, you have to win the pennant – by clinching the best of 7 League Championship Series. In honor of this year’s baseball semifinals, each correct answer this week will contain the letters L, C and S in that order. For example, if I said “the highland home of a famous cryptid,” you would say “Loch Ness.”

1. In the bottom five in population on the continent and just 62 square miles, it’s the only European country that fits this category.
2. What is missing from this list? Blood, frogs, lice, flies, pests, boils, hail, darkness, death of the firstborn?
3. Using their full names, there are six NBA teams with sequential L,C, S in their names: the Milwaukee Bucks, the Dallas Mavericks, the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, New Orleans Pelicans, and what team, which played in Buffalo and San Diego before moving to its current location in 1984?
4. What movie director born in 1944 founded the companies THX in 1983 and Industrial Light & Magic eight years before that?
5. The only 2019 Best Picture Oscar nominee that fits the category, what film delivered Spike Lee his first competitive Academy Award victory after winning an honorary Oscar in 2016?

Extra credit
1.  The Tewaaraton Award, which takes its name from the Mohawk, is given to the best college athlete in which sport annually?
2. What clothing, footwear and sportswear company begun in 1933 is named for a tennis player who was known as “The Crocodile”?

This week's challenge
Start with the term BLOWN SAVE. Rearrange the letters and you can spell a brand associated with skateboarding, and a body part often injured by skateboarders. What are the words?

On-air questions

1. Liechtenstein
2. Locusts (the 10 plagues; according to National Geographic, a swarm of locusts flew from West Africa to the Caribbean in 1988)
3. Los Angeles Clippers (the franchise is entering its 50th season and has never won the championship)
4. George Lucas
5. Blackkklansman  (while he didn’t win best director, he won for adapted screenplay)

Extra credit
1. Lacrosse (the award has been given since 2001)
2. Lacoste (Jean René Lacoste won seven grand slams)