Alex Cox And BasilicaScope

Sep 19, 2014


  BasilicaScope at Basilica Hudson running today and tomorrow and in its second year, dedicates its entire run to the legendary film director Alex Cox with his cult classics Repo Man, Straight to Hell Returns, and Walker.

  A visionary filmmaker who made the 1980s even cooler than they already were, Cox masterfully used satire and a rambunctious stable of actors to illuminate the sleazy politics of the era. Alex Cox will be in Hudson for the Festival.

The festival will finish off with a special 30th anniversary screening of the punk classic Repo Man. In 1984 Roger Ebert said of the film: ”This is the kind of movie that baffles Hollywood, because it isn’t made from any known formula and doesn’t follow the rules.”, and 30 years later its anarchic spirit still rings true. We are lucky enough to have Alex Cox join us this morning.