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Albany County Calls On Residents To Be Counted

Apr 29, 2020

With New York state set to lose an estimated $243 billion dollars due to the coronavirus outbreak, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says the census is more important than ever before.

Before the pandemic, McCoy expected an undercount, and now, with Albany County facing a potential $30 million deficit, he says he’s looking at a worse-case scenario...

"...because it's the money we're gonna get back from the government for the next 10 years."

MCoy reiterated the importance of self-reporting.

"It's 2020census-dot-gov, literally it takes less than 5 minutes to fill it out. Please take... you're home, what else can you do? You're home."

Albany County's census response rate is currently 53.3%, ahead of the statewide rate of 47.6%, about even with the national response rate of 53.4%