Advocates Want Lawmakers To Focus On The Needy

Nov 23, 2015

Protesters visit the Capital.
Credit Karen Dewitt. WAMC

Anti hunger advocates came to the Capitol Monday to lobby for measures to help New York’s neediest.

The advocates placed empty paper shopping bags at the office doors of Governor Cuomo and the legislative  leaders, reminding them to remember the poorest New Yorkers in the upcoming legislative session. Robert Smith, of Interfaith Impact, says there’s a special focus this year on raising the pay of the lowest waged workers in New York. The group backs Governor Cuomo’s plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. He says it’s a “myth” that workers in the shops in the malls, restaurants and janitors have to live below the poverty line so that others can stay wealthy. 

“The idea that there has to be a million workers in New York State who have to live below the poverty level so that the rest of us can live better, is nonsense,” Smith said.

Assembly Democrats favor the minimum wage hike to $15. The Senate is not yet on board.