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Advanced Energy Panels


Advanced Energy Panels (AEP) is a Capital District manufacturer of interior window insulating panels. They custom build and install panels to air seal and insulate window openings giving customers an opportunity to cut their fuel bills and increase their comfort at the same time.

Advanced Energy Panels (AEPs) are a retrofit for historic windows or any window people can't afford or don’t wish to replace.   They can be installed in any building –office, home or industrial.  They have a higher insulation and air sealing rating and provide greater comfort than most replacement windows, yet they are a fraction of the cost.  AEPs are custom made to fit over existing openings, protecting, preserving and improving existing windows.

Energy use in buildings accounts for nearly two-thirds of New York State’s total energy consumption, and 50 percent of the State’s greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing energy efficiency in buildings not only saves money for building owners, but can also deliver system efficiency that will generate broader cost savings to ratepayers.

AEPs are the most affordable and cost effective option available for improving the energy efficiency and comfort of existing windows.  They are quick and easy to install and remove and can be reused indefinitely year after year. 

Learn more at www.advancedenergypanels.com