51% Show # 1124

Albany, NY – The shooting in Tucson earlier this month got a lot of conversations started - there's been some soul searching, some questions about the impact of the extreme partisanship in American politics these days - and the media. But there are also some good things to be learned from this tragedy. Ginny Apuzzo, a former member of the Clinton White House, says she's seeing not only the changing face of our society, but the goodness of many of its people.

6:32 Ginny Apuzzo

Ginny Apuzzo is the founder of the LBGTQ Community Center in Kingston, NY. She served as an assistant to the President in the Clinton White House and she's now a member of the NYS commission for Public Integrity.

If you're overworked, stressed out and running as fast as you can, you may think you need to get organized. But our financial expert Manisha Thakor found out that maybe what we need is a little fun.

4:23 Cruise Thakor

Manisha Thakor is a personal finance expert, author and the founder of the Women's Financial Literacy Initiative. Find out more at manishathakor.com

'The Speed Sisters' are the West Bank's first, and only, all-female, Palestinian racing team. They have become serious competitors on the West Bank's growing street-car racing scene. These young women train alongside macho Palestinian men under the gaze of Israeli military watchtowers as they try to live somewhere on the bridge between the Palestinian culture they respect, and the modern, secular lifestyle they desire. 51%'s Polly Fields has more from Ramallah.

10:00 The Speed Sisters Fields

That report was by producer Polly Fields.