51% Show # 1041

Albany, NY – There are so many problems today. It's hard to know where to start. Even the Obama administration is taking the kitchen sink approach - throw it all in there and see how far we can get. But the president has also called on Americans to get involved...a renewed call to roll up our sleeves and help clean this up. A group of award winning photojournalists are doing just that - picking one issue - the growing number of homeless teenagers - and doing what they can. Do1Thing founder Najlah Feanny Hicks says it's working.

5:41 Do1Thing

Want to do one thing for the growing population of homeless teenagers? Go to Do1Thing.org...that's do, the number one, thing.org.

There are a lot of sources for bad news. In fact, it's hard to avoid. But Jurriaan Kamp and Helene duPuy, journalists from the Netherlands, decided that what they wanted to do was feature the news that no one was covering...the stories of hope and innovation around the world. That led to the creation of Ode Magazine. I met with Jurriaan when he was visiting Manhattan.

6:46 Ode Barnett

Want to find out more? Go to odemagazine.com.

Next, a double shot of Artspace. First, as it is International Women's Month, it is particularly appropriate to introduce you to Paola Gianturco, a California writer and photographer whose book, Celebrating Women, is the basis of an exhibit at UNESCO International Headquarters in Paris all month.

3:17 Gianturco

Want to take a look at Paola Gianturco's work? Go to her website ...you're going to need me to spell this one. It's PaolaGianturco.com - p-a-o-l-a-g-i-a-t-u-r-c-o.com

Finally, let's go to the movies. Hollywood's glory days began during the Depression of the 1930s. So how is it responding to this economy? Reporter Linda Blake has a report.

4:58 Hollywood in a Recession

Linda Blake is an independent producer in Los Angeles.