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51% #1596: Through The Ages... Of Innocence; Of Advocacy In The White House

Feb 26, 2020

On this week’s 51%, find out why 2020 marks an important age; a school nurse talks about how her profession has changed over the years; and listen to a profile on Eleanor Roosevelt. I’m Allison Dunne and this is 51%.

The Mount – Edith Wharton’s estate in Lenox, Massachusetts – is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the author’s magnum opus with a homecoming. 51%’s Josh Landes reports. 

Joyce O’Connor has been a nurse for more than 40 years. She entered school nursing two decades ago and says she never could have imagined what nursing would be like today. Kate O’Connell spoke with O’ Connor in Mashpee, Massachusetts. 

This piece came to use via Atlantic Public media through their media training program, the Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Kate O’Connell is a recent workshop graduate. Find out more about the program at Transom.org 

Samantha Leopold-Sullivan is a Twin Cities sculptor whose work consists of visceral, abstracted creatures, “emotional bodies,” and an exploration of the visible and invisible. Her art aims to promote deeper self-understanding and provoke questioning within the viewer. KFAI's Dixie Treichel produced this audio portrait.

With president’s day, days actually, two of them, recently in our rearview mirrors, let’s focus on a first lady. Gilles Malkine brings us a profile from his Women in History series.

Gilles Malkine is a writer, musician, actor, composer, and advocate for people with disabilities. He lives in upstate New York. His Women in History series contains essays that depict the lives and accomplishments of women who made a difference against significant odds. Their contributions range from those of Mother Joseph, a Canadian nun who built hospitals in the old West with her own hands, to Isabelle Boyd, spy of the Confederate South.

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