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150 Acres In Lenox Are Being Conserved

Oct 26, 2017

150 acres of farmland, wildlife habitat and open space in Lenox, Massachusetts are being conserved. 

The Berkshire Natural Resources Council purchased the land in Parsons Marsh and Undermountain Valley using a $433,000 grant from the Housatonic River Trustee Council and private donations.

Mackenzie Greer is the Council’s Conservation and Stewardship Associate.

“In the spring or early summer, we will develop a parking area and we will put up a trailhead sign,” Greer says. “But there is no trail yet. We will begin the permitting this winter.

Lenox allocated $235,000 from its Community Preservation Act fund for the trail project.

The Council is still searching for new leadership. President Tad Ames announced in September he is stepping down at the end of 2017 after 16 years.