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#1393: Entrepreneurs And Michelle Obama

Apr 1, 2016

On this week’s 51%, we hear about female entrepreneurs, get a snapshot from a Michelle Obama biographer and listen to a message about women’s rights. I’m Allison Dunne and this is 51%.

Joanna Krotz has been investigating the payoffs and challenges of small business owners, particularly women-led firms, for years. She’s interviewed hundreds of male and female entrepreneurs as a national magazine editor, author and journalist, online small business columnist and host of a Web radio show. Her recently published book is Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same: Why Behaving Like a Girl Can Change Your Life and Grow Your Business. I asked her what changes she has seen in women-led ventures.

That was Joanna Krotz speaking about female entrepreneurship. She did mention ROI in the interview, which is return on investment. Krotz is the author of Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same: Why Behaving Like a Girl Can Change Your Life and Grow Your Business

While the nation focuses on presidential candidates, we’ll have a snapshot look into the early life of First Lady Michelle Obama, expectations surrounding her ascendency as First Lady, and the impact she will have on the office. We hear this from the perspective of Peter Slevin, former Washington Post bureau chief and author of the biography Michelle Obama: A Life


This piece was produced by Josh Swartz at PRX, the Public Radio Exchange. Jon Earle narrated sections from Peter Slevin's biography, Michelle Obama: A Life.  Editorial assistance from PRX Chief Content Officer, John Barth and scoring from Podington Bear.

While International Women’s Day has come and gone, the global fight for women’s rights certainly is not confined to one day. FIDH, or the International Federation for Human Rights, is a non-governmental organization federating 178 organizations from 120 countries.  Its video for the March 8th day #BeingBornAGirl garnered more than 4 million views and counting. 

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