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Physical therapy with Jenni Nicolla Rai and Matthew Goodemote 2/16/22

Jenni Nicolla Rai and Matthew Goodemote
Composite photo/WAMC
Jenni Nicolla Rai and Matthew Goodemote

Joining us today are physical therapists Matthew Goodemote and Jenni Nicolla Rai. Call in with your PT question at 2pm. 800-348-2551. Ray Graf hosts.

Matthew Goodemote is the owner of Goodemote Physical Therapy in Saratoga Springs, New York. His 20 years of experience includes exercise-based therapy and manual therapy. Matthew is one of just 350 specialists with his Diploma from the McKenzie Spine Institute International.

Jenni Nicolla Rai is a graduate from Ithaca College’s Physical Therapy program. Since beginning her career in 2001, she has worked in outpatient physical therapy and is a specialist in breast cancer rehabilitation. In 2017 she launched the website, MyBreastieSays.com. Despite living in Los Angeles, Jenni remains very involved in her father’s local practice, Thomas Nicolla PT Associates, where she serves as the Director of Marketing and Educational Outreach.

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