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Any Questions #590: "Ten or forty?"

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Last week's challenge
Start with the words MILLER’S TALE. Change one letter to an E, rearrange the letters, and you can spell the name of an actor in 2022’s highest-grossing film. Who is it?
Answer: If you change the A to an E, you can spell Miles Teller, from “Top Gun: Maverick.”

On-air questions: OK, Ian: it’s tax season once again. Many folks are gathering up documents to help them fill out Form 1040, officially referred to by the Internal Revenue Service as the U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. This week, we’re going to fill out a 1040 of our own, in a sense. I’m going to give you a description of a list and then one item in that list. You tell me if the item is ranked 10th or ranked 40th in the list.

1. Countries by combined total number of Summer Olympic and Winter Olympic medals won: Czech Republic
2. Concert tours in 2022 by worldwide gross earnings: comedian John Mulaney
3. Airports of the world by number of passengers in 2022: Paris Charles de Gaulle
4. U.S. national parks by area: Everglades National Park
5. Models in the LEGO Architecture series by number of bricks: the U.S. Capitol

Extra credit
1. Most-watched television broadcasts in the U.S.: Richard Nixon’s resignation speech
2. Most-followed Instagram accounts: NASA

This week's challenge
Start with the words FEDERAL TAXES. Change one letter to an L and you can rearrange the result to spell a five-letter word for places where tires are often seen and a seven-letter word for what you sometimes do to tires. What are the words?

On-air questions
1. 40th
2. 40th
3. 10th
4. 10th
5. 10th

Extra credit
1. 10th
2. 40th