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July Programming Notes

Jul 6, 2020

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, the skies must change. As summer begins, many of us also begin returning to work with the lingering hope of, in some way, keeping our standard summer agendas. As we embrace changes in the weather and in our daily lives, adapting to new restrictions and the new normal, we also look forward to celebrating our independence and strength in unity.

The light at the end of the tunnel - As we dive into summer while the Northeast slowly reopens, we eagerly try to return to normal. June is a time for enjoying the sun and celebrating. Perhaps the shutdown spring has given you a fresh, thankful perspective on all we've taken for granted. WAMC has remained a constant during the spring, and your support in the May Locked Box will keep your favorite programs on the air through summer.

It is a strange time in the country as the coronavirus pandemic slows everyday life to a halt. But not all is bad. As we take to social media for interaction and entertainment, we’re seeing a new wave of positivity and selflessness. Restaurants are providing free meals and people from all nations are joining in on the couch choir craze. As we lean on each other for support, many are hoping this will be a cultural change to last.

President Trump gave his state of the union address, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl (for the first time in 50 years) and fears of the coronavirus have not yet subsided. February gave us a lot to reflect on, but we are ready to march into the next month. Let’s see what WAMC has prepared for us. 

Forest fires, earthquakes and the impeachment of the president have made for a high-stakes start to 2020 — reminding us all the importance of working together toward the greater good. This month, we’ll continue hearing the impeachment trial of President Trump and look forward to our Fund Drive Feb. 10. We’ll also celebrate Black History Month and Presidents Day.

We can see clearly now that 2020 has arrived. We've set clear goals and are holding fast to them (at least in January), but will need some motivation to help us along. Let's see what WAMC has to inspire us as we peer into the new year. 

With the impeachment hearings, family gatherings, holiday shopping and preparing for the start of a new year, we finally approach the end of 2019. As we pause to reflect on all we’ve accomplished over the last 12 months, time marches on. Let’s see what’s in store for us this month.

November means food, friends and family. Thanks to your support, we ended the October Fund Drive (in just over a day!) and are devoted to bringing you the best news, political coverage and entertainment programming we can. We kick off the month with regular programming and shake things up a bit toward the end. We’re also gearing up for Metropolitan Opera season, which begins Dec. 7.

It’s officially light jacket weather. We’ve greeted some cool days with a few final hot ones holding on; but as the coffee shops, storefronts and trees have announced, fall with all its colors and flavors has arrived (and so has our October Fund Drive!).

In September they say summer’s over, but don’t fall for it! We usually still have a few days of bright sunshine left. However, as we say our goodbyes to the warmest days, we calmly greet the crisp air, colorful leaves and yes, school.  With jackets on and chai teas in hand, we have plenty of shows to leave you feeling educated.

America celebrates its independence, the cool summer night wind blows and the live evening sounds from Tanglewood are heard throughout the region. The relaxing season we all look forward to has graced us once again. With peace in mind, WAMC is ready to keep you engaged, poolside.

As summer approaches, WAMC gears up for another season of coverage and commitment to its listeners. Covering topics that range from our Fund Drive to environmental issues, eco-friendly efforts and the primaries, WAMC’s beach bag is packed and ready to go.