Blair Horner

Clifton Park, NY

We live in an age in which it seems we’re surrounded by government mendacity, incompetence, and corruption.  Of course, there are legitimate reasons we all feel that way as we see the antics at the national and state levels.

Last week’s news contained far-flung events that showed how global warming is increasingly impacting the world’s politics.

Not satisfied with taking away health insurance coverage for over 3 million Americans, last week the Trump Administration said it wanted to take away coverage from more.  While Americans have been distracted by the scandals, investigations, and policy flip flops, the Administration and its allies in the Congress have never been deterred from one deadly mission – to strip away health insurance coverage from millions of Americans.

A standard page out of the American Business playbook is that if there is a serious problem emerging down the road, corporate chieftains ramp up a massive disinformation and lobbying campaign to undermine the threat.

New York State government does all it can to operate in secret: $150 billion budget deals are hammered out behind closed doors, multibillion hikes for electric ratepayers are engineered outside of public view, legislative agreements are finalized often minutes before the vote.