Kingston, NY – A plan by a gay rights advocacy group to build a community center in Ulster County has stirred up opposition from some religious groups. WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Deborah Runcie has more...

Burlington, VT – The Burlington, Vermont City Council has rejected a resolution that could have imposed rent controls in that city. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

Dalton, MA – Two Berkshire County dams and two others in the region required immediate maintenance following an emergency inspection of 186 high hazard dams in the state.

Springfield, MA – The Archdiocese of Springfield, Massachusetts is doing a head count of Catholics attending Mass. The numbers are not tallied yet, but for the Archdiocese it brings up the larger issue of dealing with a shrinking Catholic population in the Pioneer Valley and in the Berkshires.

W-A-M-C's Jessica Bloustein reports.

Albany, NY – The Civil Service Employees Association has filed a contract grievance with Governor Pataki's office and is preparing a lawsuit over what it calls an illegal scheme to defraud participants in the Empire Plan. Our Capital District Bureau Chief Arielle Trimm explains.

Lenox, MA – Several condominium projects are in the the works for Berkshire County, including one recently approved in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Vox Pop Medical Monday - 10/24 - Psychiatry

Albany, NY – It's Medical Monday on Vox Pop. On this Monday's (10/24/05) edition, host Alan Chartock welcomes Dr. Eric Plakun, psychiatrist and Director of Admissions at The Austin Riggs Center in Stockbridge, MA.

Saranac Lake, NY – The Trudeau Institute is a biomedical research institute employing about 150 researchers, scientific investigators and support staff. Famed as a turn-of-the-century tuberculosis retreat, it is now considered one of the five most influential independent research institutes in the country. Located in Saranac Lake, New York, it recently received a federal grant that will allow them to expand their infrastructure and foster research into lung diseases. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

Hyde Park, NY – Another set of Four Freedoms Awards has been handed out in Hyde Park, New York, birthplace of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Deborah Runcie covered the event on Saturday...

Springfield, MA – The Massachusetts State Senate unanimously passed new legislation last week that will step up the fight against gang violence. But in Springfield and Holyoke--two cities plagued by gang-related crime--there are mixed reactions.

W-A-M-C's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Jessica Bloustein reports.

Albany, NY – The Greater Capital Association of Realtors released statistics today showing that the residential real estate market in New York's Capital Region continues to perform near record levels. More from our Capital District Bureau Chief, Arielle Trimm

Boston, MA – An inspection report on 186 high-hazard dams in Massachusetts is expected to be released today. As our Berkshire Bureau Chief, Carrie Saldo reports the inspection of more than 30 dams in the county was completed on schedule.

Plattsburgh, NY – Some remote stretches of the Adirondack Northway are well known for their lack of cell phone service. Those same areas have had inactive emergency call boxes for years. Three North Country lawmakers say they have a proposal that could solve both the lack of cell coverage and re-activate some of the emergency phones along the highway.
WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

Albany, NY – The New York State Department of Transportation announced on Friday that the Interstate 787 northbound ramp into the Empire State Plaza in the City of Albany will reopen in Mid November. The ramp had been closed to traffic since July 27th, when the ramp shifted, resulting in a 19-inch vertal gap in the roadway. More from our Capital District Bureau Chief Arielle Trimm

Holyoke, MA – The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority ran its first diesel-electric hybrid bus this week on the Holyoke to Springfield line. Adding it to the P-V-T-A'S one hundred eighty-five bus fleet may change everything about the region's transit system.

W-A-M-C's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Jessica Bloustein reports.

Sheffield, MA – The first regional school district in Massachusetts is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend. Its events are open to past, present, and future students.

Albany, NY – Danger on the Internet was the theme during the first New York State Cyber Security Awareness Conference held Thursday in Albany. Our Capital District Bureau Chief Arielle Trimm has a report:

Goshen, NY – More than half of the sirens tested in Orange County by the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant failed. That has alarmed a key local lawmaker.
WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Deborah Runcie has more.

Northampton, MA – Northampton, Massachusetts is on its way to developing a comprehensive city-wide plan for its future. With the help of its community and the American Institute of Architects, the city is looking to set an example for the region.

W-A-M-C's Pioneer Valley bureau chief Jessica Bloustein has the report.

Plattsburgh, NY – Business and tourism officials from across New York's North Country and southern Quebec met in Plattsburgh Wednesday for a forum on new border identification rules proposed by the US Department of Homeland Security. The vast majority of those attending told the State Department representative who traveled to Plattsburgh that the current system isn't broken, and what they're planning could jeopardize the economy and culture of border communities. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley was at the forum.

Albany, NY – New York State Assemblyman Steven Sanders announced on Wednesday that he will retire from the Assembly effective January 1st 2006. WAMC's Capital District Bureau Cheif Arielle Trimm spoke with Sanders about his decision.

Poughkeepsie, NY – In order to deal with the ongoing overcrowding of the Dutchess County jail, Democrats in the county legislature proposed a feasibility study to see if a bail fund would free up cells by releasing non-violent criminals.

The proposal was shot down by Republicans who consider the idea a dangerous one.

WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Deborah Runcie has more.

Albany, NY – A New York state agency will hold a meeting in Albany tomorrow to increase public awareness of dangers facing children who use the Internet. WAMC's Deborah Runcie has details:

Springfield, MA – Springfield had the highest crime rates in the state of Massachusetts in two thousand four, according to recently released FBI statistics. In response, the city is now revving itself to bring those rates down.

W-A-M-C's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Jessia Bloustein reports.

Boston, MA – More than 30 dams through out Berkshire County have been deemed high hazard and in need of emergency inspection by the state. But as our Berkshire Bureau Chief, Carrie Saldo reports, the high hazard determination may not be as ominous it seems.

Holyoke, MA – The Environmental Protection Agency is accusing the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts of violating the Clean Water Act. It seeks to fine the city for not taking the proper precautions to prevent waste water at its sewage treatment plant from overflowing into the Connecticut River after heavy rains.

W-A-M-C's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Jessica Bloustein reports.

Washington, D.C. – The 12-member Massachusetts congressional delegation has asked Gov. Mitt Romney request a federal disaster declaration. The declaration would make federal funds available to affected Massachusetts residents and communities.

Poughkeepsie, NY – The weeklong rains coupled with the weekend's strong winds have taken their toll on the Mid-Hudson region.

WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief has the latest.

Ray Brook, NY – The Adirondack Park Agency has approved a water project in the Adirondacks. But some environmental groups are now calling on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to halt the remaining approval process for the project. They say the plan violates New York State's Constitution. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.