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Cuomo Defends Legality Of Moreland Subpoenas

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today took questions on the state of the investigation into public corruption by the Moreland Act Commission. Responding to a report in the Daily News that said half of state legislators are complying with the investigation despite the body’s contention that it violates separation of powers, Cuomo says such cooperation disproves the legal argument.

“Just imagine the conversations they’ve had in that conference to try to hold everyone together because they were well aware of this situation. So they couldn’t even hold half of them," Governor Cuomo says. "And what it is, is that those that can provide the information are providing the information and those who can’t provide the information are arguing separation of powers.”

The Moreland Commission’s preliminary report is due December 1st. Cuomo says there haven’t been any requests for a deadline delay.

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