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Peace Bridge Divides US-Canadian Board Members

Doug Kerr-Dougtone/Flickr

Proposed improvements on the New York side of the international Peace Bridge have divided the American and Canadian members of the bi-national board that oversees it. A 5-5 deadlock stalled action at its latest meeting last week, putting projects in limbo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration is pushing for an expanded plaza on the Buffalo side of the bridge, which links Buffalo and Fort Erie, Ontario.

Congressman Bill Owens has talked with his counterpart, Buffalo area Representative Brian Higgins, about the situation.

In Albany Tuesday, Cuomo declined to comment on conflict with Canadian officials. But he says he's bothered by delays in improvements to the New York side, especially after the board's New York representatives were supportive of work done on the Canadian plaza.

The board is scheduled to meet again June 28.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. All Rights Reserved.