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Mayor Bloomberg Draws Criticism for NYC Marathon Decision

Politics has become intertwined with the recovery after Superstorm Sandy but the presidential election isn’t the only race drawing attention as the New York City Marathon is set to take place this Sunday. 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg  and marathon organizers say the race is a symbol of the city’s ability to rally after difficult times. But many New Yorkers, including state and federal officials are skeptical about the mayor’s decision, as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand told the AP, "My concern is just to make sure our first responders can be available to continue to help with the recovery."

Bloomberg responded to criticisms in a press conference yesterday: "By Sunday we'll have electricity back downtown, that will free up an enormous number of police. Also a lot of the transportation needs that we have during the week aren't there on the weekends."

The five-borough race will include nearly 50,000 runners, 8,000 volunteers, 1,000 staffers, and is expected to draw 2 million spectators. 

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