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Report Calls For Mandatory Invasive Species Controls

The FUND for Lake George has issued a report calling for mandatory controls to prevent the spread of invasive species into that Adirondack lake.

The not-for-profit group released the report Thursday calling for mandatory boat inspections and decontamination programs before allowing boats onto Lake George.  The intent is to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, according to FUND For Lake George Executive Director Peter Bauer.

Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky says while there are lake steward programs and voluntary inspection programs, mandatory inspections are necessary and would be unique to New York State.

In Massachusetts, zebra mussels were found in the Housatonic River in 2009.  Berkshire Program Director for the Housatonic Valley Association Dennis Regan says people across the region have been trying to find the best management plans for invasive species as they encroach on the Northeast.

The FUND for Lake George is releasing their report to push the Lake George Park Commission to implement a lake-wide decontamination program.

According to the FUND for Lake George, the Lake George community spends over one million dollars annually on invasive species management and education programs.