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Governor Cuomo Won't Rule Out Special Session; NYS Budget Deficit Grows


Albany, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo is not ruling out a special session of the legislature in December to deal with a growing state budget deficit. Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports...

Cuomo, who is facing a $350 million dollar budget deficit this year, and a $3.5 billion dollar hole in next year's spending plan, says there's a need for a special session of the legislature. But he says he won't call back lawmakers just for the "theater" of it, and will first try to agree on a deficit reduction plan with legislative leaders.

"There's no doubt that the numbers are collapsing," said Cuomo. "And collapsing quickly."

The governor says there are budget reductions that he can do on his own, without the legislature, or he could simply ask the legislature for authority to cut the budget, without requiring lawmakers to agree on a specific plan. He would not say whether large payments due to schools and local governments in December would be deferred, saying all options are on the table.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.