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County Officials Warn of River Blockages and Press for State Help to Dredge

By Pat Bradley


Keene, NY – During a meeting of the Essex County Supervisors' Public Works committee this week, a resolution was put forward urging the state and federal governments to expedite and conduct immediate inspections of rivers and brooks in the county that changed their course during Tropical Storm Irene. Committee Chair, Town of Keene Supervisor Bill Ferebee says dredging must be considered to prevent future flooding.

Town of Jay Supervisor Randy Douglas is Chair of the Essex County Board of Supervisors. Douglas says dealing with debris in rivers and streams is beyond the capabilities of the small towns and villages across the region.

Keene Supervisor Bill Ferebee says his first concern is the safety of residents and, secondarily, the health of the environment.

Supervisor Randy Douglas says if the clogged rivers and brooks are not dealt with he could lose half his town to spring flooding.

The supervisors say rivers and streams in flood damaged areas across New York should be inspected for debris damage and immediate action taken to avoid problems in the spring.