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Poll: New Yorkers Prefer Money Over the Environment


New Paltz, NY – A new Quinnipiac University poll shows money outweighs the environment when it comes to natural gas drilling in New York. WAMC's Greg Fry explains ...

New Yorkers were asked if drilling should take place in the Marcellus Shale because of the economic benefits, or if it should be prevented because of the environmental risks.

Forty-seven percent agreed with the money side of the argument, while 42 percent say the arguments over environmental harms are closer to their point of view.

When asked if they believed the process of hydraulic fracturing will cause environmental damage in New York, 52 percent of those polled said yes, and 15 percent said no.

One-third of those questioned said they don't know if environmental damage will be done.

The poll shows an overwhelming belief among voters that drilling will bring jobs, and there's majority support for a new tax on companies drilling in the Marcellus in New York.

Greg Fry, WAMC News.