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Two NYS Microcities on Top Ten International Economic Development List

By Pat Bradley


Plattsburgh, NY – The article ranks the top ten major, large, small and micro-cities across North and South America in six categories. Plattsburgh and Poughkeepsie ranked in the top ten in three categories for micro-cities: Business Friendliness, Economic Potential and Human Resources. Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Gary Douglas says this is the second time the "Cities of the Future" rankings have been done. But this time the rankings have been expanded to include both North and South America...... (audio cut) Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Charlie North says the rankings are an expression of Poughkeepsie's growth..... (audio cut) Dutchess County Legislature Chair Robert Rolison is an Ex-Officio Member of the Economic Development Corporation..... (audio cut) Both Rolison and North point to the community and team efforts that have brought new businesses to the area, the Walkway over the Hudson and waterfront revitalization. The Chamber's Charlie North..... (audio cut) The magazine's top 10 major cities of the future placed New York City #1, Montreal 6th and Boston 7th. All are on major transportation networks that connect each other and thru Plattsburgh and Poughkeepsie. The Plattsburgh Chamber's Gary Douglas believes that's not a coincidence...... (audio cut) Robert Rolison...... (audio cut) Foreign Direct Investment classifies a micro-city as one with a population less than 100-thousand.

Foreign Direct Investment