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Environmental Bills Targeted for Passage

By Pat Bradley


Albany, NY – A coalition of conservation and environmental groups highlighted on Earth Day their five priority - or Super Bills - they will focus their efforts on during this session of the Legislature. New York Public Interest Research Group Senior Environmental Associate Laura Haight....... (Audio cut) The five bills targeted as the Green Super Bills are the solar industry development and jobs act, the global warming pollution control act to limit greenhouse gases, the Complete Streets proposal which would ensure safe access to roads for all users, a Water Withdrawal Permitting Program to regulate use of water resources and closure of a loophole in the hazardous waste fluid disposal law - which would affect the fracking industry. Audubon NY Director of Government Relations Sean Mahar says while Governor Cuomo and the Legislature have been proactive towards the environment, there is more work to be done..... (audio cut) NYPIRG's Laura Haight says it would be a huge step for New York's environment if all the measures passed..... (audio cut) The groups plan to lobby for the legislation during their annual Earth Day Lobby Day and Forestry Awareness Day at the state Capital in Albany on May 2nd.

Albany Earth Day Lobby Day

New York Public Interest Research Group

Audubon NY