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New York Takes A Step Toward Solar

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – Amidst current concerns over fossil fuels' effects on the economy and the dangers of nuclear power demonstrated by Japan's Fukishima reactor troubles, Americans are looking to green technology to satisfy the need for power. This morning, Two New York State Assembly Members introduced a bill in Albany they say will "put a charge" into New York's Solar Energy Marketplace. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

New York State Assembly Energy Committee Chair Kevin Cahill was joined by an alliance of organizations and leaders in renewable energy to highlight the piece of legislation. It's designed to make New York a leader in solar energy. Cahill says the green attitude bolstered by "Solar Renewable Energy Credits" is the wave of the future.

The Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act of 2011 is sponsored by Assemblymember Steven Englebright who describes it as a market-based approach that will accelerate investments in solar power throughout New York. Advocates say there's also a case to be made about protecting the environment. Legislators on both sides of the aisle say they'll work together to pass the Solar Jobs Act of 2011; renewable energy advocates stress their view that the solar industry will stimulate business and ultimately create 22-thousand jobs for New Yorkers