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Community in Crisis

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – A Montgomery County Community is in Crisis - With a major manufacturer leaving town, residents are being billed double or more what they used to pay for some services. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas has more on what's next for Canajoharie.

Taxpayer angst in Canajoharie jumped this month when residents and businesses in the village received their six month water and sewer bills. The hefty increase is the result of Beech-Nut's decision, after more than 100 years in the village, to move its food plant to the town of Florida. The move comes despite the fact that Canajoharie borrowed 5 million dollars in the 1990s to build a large water and sewer system to accomodate Beech Nuts needs. BeechNut's impending departure will leave the village 2-point-8 million dollars in debt. BeechNut has not yet completely moved out of the village. Mayor Leigh Fuller says no one has explained the delay.