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NYS Unemployment Rate Falls As New Jobs Become Available

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – In these uncertain economic times there are some signs of hope in New York State, where the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest percentile since May of 2009. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

Numbers from the State Labor Department show New York's economy added 31,500 private sector jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis in April 2010, marking the state's fourth straight monthly jobs increase.

New York's total nonfarm job count grew by 32,700 (+0.4%) in April. The nonfarm job count tracks all jobs in the private and public sectors. It does not count the self-employed or workers on farms.

New York State's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped from 8.6% in March to 8.4% in April 2010. This was the state's lowest unemployment rate since May 2009. The number of unemployed New Yorkers dropped from 831,500 in March to 817,600 in April 2010.

Job postings in the Capital Region have increased topping close to 6600. NextAct of Colonie's Dan Moran says this is yet another high this year, signaling a very positive trend for the Region. "What a difference a year makes. Last year, we were seeing job postings in the low three thousands and this year, better than double that showing a sharp recovery in the market. This is also being more people back into the job market fueled by renewed confidence, so the market for jobs is ever more competitive."

Anne Schneider-Costigan, spokesperson for the Center For Disability Services in Albany, says 60 new jobs are being created there. Despite new jobs, Labor Department officials caution that we're not out of the woods yet, and there are concerns that state government job reductions may soften the rebound. Recent activity on Wall Street could also slow things down, according to Dan Moran. The Capital Region has nearly 30,000 unemployed people who are looking for work. Complete statistics are available here.