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Schenectady Cop Officially Fired By Mayor

By Dave Lucas


Schenectady, NY –

The career of a Schenectady police officer with a checkered past comes to an end... Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

A stern-faced Mayor Brian Stratton made the formal announcement Monday afternoon at City Hall, ending Officer John Lewis' career with the Schenectady PD. "Mr. Lewis is exactly the opposite of what the people of Schenectady expect and deserve in their police officers," Stratton told reporters.

In defending his decision, the Mayor referenced the disciplinary report and recommendations of appointed hearing officer Jeffrey Selchick. Stratton received Selchick's disciplinary report one week ago, following a nearly two-year review of 4 notices of discipline brought against Lewis, a 16-year police department veteran. Domestic incidents and alcoholism effectively destroyed Lewis' career.