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Hall: Start Flood Studies In NY, Get Moving on Infrastructure Spending in DC

By Susan Barnett


Hudson Valley, NY –

The Mid-Hudson region continues to be in a flood watch and could feel the effects of the latest rainstorm for the next day or two. Congressman John Hall is pushing for New York State to get moving on studies for projects that could prevent some of the flooding that happens every spring in the Hudson Valley. In a conversation with Hudson Valley bureau chief Susan Barnett, Hall said he's hoping he can get some federal money to help pay the state's share, since the reason that studies have languished since late 2008 is a simple matter of money. But he's also ready for critics of the new health care reform...and looking towards what he hopes is the next item on the agenda.

And if you're in a flood -prone area, area officials suggest you sign up for alerts at NYalert.gov...an online emergency alert site that will notify you by email or phone if there's an emergency in your area.