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Lyme Doc Gets Probation Part 1

By Susan Barnett


New Haven, CT – There's a raging battle surrounding the treatment of Lyme Disease. An estimated twenty thousand people contract the tick borne illness each year, yet the medical community is sharply divided about how to cure it - or if it can be cured. Yesterday, the Connecticut Medical Board ruled on its latest charges against Dr. Charles Ray Jones...an elderly New Haven doctor who is considered a hero by many people who have Lyme Disease. He's now dealing with a four year probationary period, a ten thousand dollar fine and a preceptor who will review all his charts in his busy pediatric Lyme practice. Hudson Valley bureau chief Susan Barnett has an update.

Tomorrow, Susan will speak with the doctor who Doctor Jones described as unqualified to discuss pediatric Lyme. Doctor Eugene Shapiro argues that, on the contrary, the studies exist and scientific research simply doesn't support treating Lyme disease with years of antibiotics...while author Rick Vassar says it's really all about insurance companies.