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NY-22: Incumbent Hinchey Says He Is the Target of a Republican Effort to Discredit Him

By Susan Barnett


Hudson Valley, NY – Democratic incumbent Congressman Maurice Hinchey says he is the target of a Republican Party effort to discredit him. Hinchey is facing charges of smacking a constituent on the head at an event in New York. He said the case has been fabricated by the Republican Party.

"It's a form of deception. It's a means by which people try to draw attention away from the issues," Hinchey said of the case.

Hinchey is running against Republican George Phillips in the New York 22nd District.

Phillips is a former congressional aide and history teacher from the Binghamton region.

Phillips says that Hinchey is too partisan to play a role in reforms in Washington.

"We need to look for solutions. This election is about change. We need new faces, we need reform," Phillips said.

Hinchey fired back, saying Republicans are co-opting the Democrats' message of change.

"They're trying to buy into the change, so they can do everything they can to help people forget the kinds of things they did which are causing us the problems we have," Hinchey said.