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Vermont Legislature Sends Mail-In Voting Bill To Governor

a hand puts an envelope with a ballot into a collection box
putting an envelope with a ballot into a collection box

The Vermont Legislature has sent a bill to the governor that would make permanent a policy used last November that sent general election ballots to all active voters.

House Speaker Democrat Jill Krowinski says the universal mail-in voting bill counters a move by some state legislatures to curtail voter access with more restrictive election laws.

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos, a fellow Democrat, says if enacted the measure would be “the largest expansion of Vermont voter access in decades.”

Republican Governor Phil Scott has supported the bill but wants to proofread the final version. 

“I have no doubt that if everything is correct that I’ll be signing it," the governor said. 

Scott said he would like to see the Legislature expand the measure to include local elections.
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