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Harrington Disputes Suggestions Of Preferential Treatment During Traffic Stop

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Josh Landes
Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington.

After being pulled over for a traffic violation that revealed she was driving with a suspended license, the Berkshire County District Attorney says she didn’t receive preferential treatment from police. 

Andrea Harrington, elected in 2018, was given a verbal warning and let go by a Pittsfield Police officer on September 1st, despite the suspended license stemming from a June 2019 incident in New York state.

“You know, I was pulled over in New York," said the DA. "I didn’t show the officer my badge. I wanted to just from the beginning just pay my ticket, I didn’t want to go to a hearing. I never ever tried to say I’m the District Attorney. Everything was from me personally. I really do try to hold myself to a high standard.”

Harrington’s license has since been restored.

The incident was first reported by The Berkshire Eagle.