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CT’s Wolf Says He'll Petition To Get On GOP Senate Primary Ballot

August Wolf
Facebook: August Wolf
August Wolf

Former Olympian August Wolf says he'll petition his way onto Connecticut’s August 9 Republican primary ballot for U.S. Senate after he says his chance to automatically qualify for the primary was "stolen" from him.Wolf announced Wednesday he'll collect enough signatures to challenge the party's nominee, Bethel state Rep. Dan Carter. Wolf needs 8,079 signatures by June 7.

The GOP nominated Carter on Monday to challenge one-term Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Wolf, a former shot putter who placed fourth at the 1984 Summer Olympics, says his year-old campaign thought it had more delegate support. Wolf initially received enough votes to automatically wage a primary, but votes were switched to Carter. Wolf blames arm-twisting by party-insiders.

Carter adviser Dick Foley says the process was "the same it's been for 30 years."

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