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Windsor Man Pleads Not Guilty To Charges In Series Of Burglaries


A Windsor, Massachusetts man believed to be involved in a statewide burglary ring tied to more than 130 break-ins since 2010 has pleaded not guilty.Aaron Tarjick was arraigned in Berkshire Superior Court Tuesday afternoon on seven counts of unarmed burglary, 23 counts of breaking and entering and 30 counts of larceny including a firearm and motor vehicle, according to the Berkshire District Attorney’s office. The 39 year-old is in prison for child rape and other crimes.

Police say Tarjick and his brother James broke into multiple homes between 2010 and 2012 and stole items that were later found in the family's home.

James Tarjick and his parents have also pleaded not guilty to charges related to the stolen items. Police say Aaron Tarjick wore a court-ordered electronic monitoring device during the break-ins while out on bail.

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