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Gov. Patrick Says Ethics Complaint About MassDOT Emails Is "Bogus"

Jim levulis

Proponents of repealing a law tying future gas tax hikes to the rate of inflation in Massachusetts are calling for an ethics investigation into the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

   Organizers of  the gas tax repeal ballot initiative allege an email sent  from a MassDOT account to senior state officials containing “ talking points” to push  defeat of the ballot question is a violation of state law barring  the use of public resources for political campaigns.  Governor Deval Patrick said the complaint is “bogus”

   " What it is is talking points to senior transportation officials defending a policy of this administration. I certainly hope that is permitted."

  The state legislature, last year, raised the gasoline tax by 3 cents per gallon and authorized annual upward adjustments based on the rate of inflation as part of a funding package for roads, bridges and public transit projects.