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Vermont Governor's Neighbor Gets Lawyer

Vermont Governor's Office

A Vermont man involved in a land deal gone sour with Governor Peter Shumlin now has a lawyer.

Dodge sold his property to Shumlin and then expressed remorse about it. At the time of the deal, Shumlin says he asked Dodge to get a lawyer, but Dodge did not.

Shumlin's lawyer says the governor has now offered to sell the property back to Dodge.

WCAX TV reports that Jeremy Dodge has retained Brady Toensing of Charlotte and is also represented by Joy Karnes Limoge of Burlington.

WCAX-TV reports that Toensing says in a statement that "Dodge has been dealing with a sophisticated and shrewd businessman. A businessman who is also the most powerful person in Vermont, being represented by one of the best lawyers money can buy. Mr. Dodge clearly needed some help. And we welcome the opportunity to assist a fellow Vermonter."

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