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Area Dems Urge Reversal of TSA's New Knife Policy

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Area democrats are urging Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to reverse a decision that would allow passengers to bring small knives onto airplanes

Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Representative Richard Neal released a statement saying that the “recent change in aviation is ill-advised, unwise, and risky.”

Fellow democrat Massachusetts Congressmen Ed Markey announced Tuesday that he would file legislation to prevent the implementation of the policy.

New York’s two democratic U.S. Senators are also opposed to the change in policy. Sen. Chuck Schumer has said that he opposes the TSA’s new law that in addition to small knives would allow passengers to carry-on golf clubs and baseball bats.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand released a statement saying that “this decision could put the safety of passengers and flight attendants at risk.”

The policy change is scheduled to go into effect on April 25th.