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Hurricane Sandy Raises Climate Change Conversation

Hurricane Sandy is reigniting the debate over climate change and what actions, if any, Congress should take to cut emissions and transition to renewable fuels.

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo re-initiated the climate change debate when he alluded to climate change during a briefing on Hurricane Sandy damage.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took climate change by the fisticuffs while endorsing President Obama writing: “Our climate is changing.” Bloomberg called on elected leaders to take  immediate action.  350-dot-org was co-founded by environmentalist and writer Bill McKibben.  New England Coordinator David Stember hopes the comments indicate a shift in the conversation over climate change.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been raising the issue of climate change for years and says Hurricane Sandy should be a wake-up call for Congress to take action to reverse global warming.

says climate change is, and has been, happening all around us.

Environmental Advocates of NY praised Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg for raising awareness about climate change and they added to calls for immediate action to stem global warming.