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NYS Law Mandating Sunscreen Expiration Dates Awaits A Signature

Office of NYS Senator David Carlucci

Legislation that mandates expiration dates on sunscreen products in New York state awaits Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature.

State Senator David Carlucci, an Independent Democrat, was slated to be at Lake Nanuet Park in Rockland County Friday afternoon to talk about his legislation that requires sunscreen products to have expiration dates on the labels. The bill also authorizes the state attorney general to seek restitution and civil penalties in the case of violations and authorizes anyone negatively impacted by a violation of this law to bring an action for injunctive relief and actual damages or two hundred fifty dollars, whichever is greater. Carlucci says the bill languished in the senate for 14 years because of opposition from sunscreen manufacturers. Long Island Democrat Harvey Weisenberg sponsored the legislation in the Assembly.

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