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Dutchess Home Sales Increase In Summer Months

POUGHKEEPSIE – Home sales in Dutchess County rose by almost 20 percent during the first eight months of the year when compared to the same period in 2012.  In August alone, they rose by close to 16 percent.

Mid-Hudson Multiple Listing Service Executive Officer Sandy Tambone said the double-digit increase is encouraging and shows the positive direction of the market.  She said the growth in sales is a good thing for current residents.

“There is a community benefit in the fact that both the county and the towns will be getting more money into their coffers through their taxes – through the mortgage recording tax, etc. – so the industry is doing a good job and as the industry comes back, the market comes back, so does it help the community and tax bases,” Tambone said.

In addition to the increase in home sales, the median price is continuing to recover being just 2.4 percent behind last year at $243,000 from $249,000.