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NRC’s Assessment of Indian Point Gave Good Grades

TARRYTOWN – The day that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission outlined the criteria for the good grades it gave the Indian Point nuclear power plants for their operations in 2012, proponents of not renewing Entergy’s licenses to operate the two units continued their lobbying toward that goal.

On the other side of the issue is New York AREA, which is comprised of organizations and businesses that support Indian Point. The 2012 rating is the latest in a long line of good grades for the plants, said NY AREA’s director Jerry Kremer.

“It dispels all of the anti-talk about Indian Point and its safety so I think it’s a reaffirmation that Indian Point should move ahead with its licensing,” he said.

Entergy, meanwhile, said it is pleased to receive the latest “top safety rating of the plants” by the NRC. Company officials said while they work through the relicensing process, “we will maintain our unwavering commitment to the safety operation of the facility.”